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Nominees for ASAB Council

Secretary of the Grants Committee

Dr Kate Lessells

The Netherlands

I joined ASAB more than 40 years ago, and have served on Council in the 1980s and again from 2015, becoming a member of ASAB Grants Committee in 2016, and Secretary of the Committee in 2019. I believe that ASAB provides an important communication and support hub for the behavioural research community, and that the award of grants plays a major role in encouraging animal behaviour research and career development. As Grants Secretary I believe that it is important that the process of awarding grants is equally fair and open to applicants from all backgrounds, and have been involved in introducing Accessibility Grants for conference attendance and additional amounts for some grant types for applicants from developing countries, and in increasing subsistence allowances for Undergraduate Project awardees substantially. If I am re-elected as ASAB Grants Secretary it will be an honour and pleasure to continue to serve the Society.

European Secretary

Dr Tereza Petruskov√°

Charles University in Prague

I would be happy to continue serving as the ASAB European Secretary. Despite the covid-19 pandemics, which disturbed our everyday life and largely prevented in-person meetings, the last two years were very inspiring. For example, I found the ASAB networking scheme very promising, and I would love to introduce it also at the local level through European behavioural Societies. However, many things were hardly possible to deal with online-only. I believe that the coming months when personal meetings will become unrestricted again should give me a chance to move forward my original plans, such as introducing the ASAB and its activities more thoroughly in Central and Eastern Europe. Also, I want to continue in my attempts to bring European ethological societies closer together, and thus facilitate their more intensive cooperation. Joint activities or funding schemes could be particularly beneficial for students and early/career researchers.

Ordinary Members (x2)

Dr Stephanie King

University of Bristol

I am a Senior Lecturer with >15 years studying animal behaviour. I use state-of-the-art technology, including hydrophone arrays and aerial video, to study cetacean behaviour, publishing extensively in leading journals. I have a passion for teaching, running an animal behaviour field course and an undergraduate unit on communication and cognition. I am a strong advocate for best practice in animal ethics, writing applications for diverse research projects in the UK and abroad. I believe there is a need for widening participation policies that increase the numbers of students from under-represented groups in animal behaviour research. To this end, I co-run a week-long work experience placement on animal behaviour for 13/14 year-olds from schools around Bristol, and I’m a member of our School’s EDI committee. Finally, as a recipient of an ASAB grant and a Consulting Editor for Animal Behaviour, I wish to give back to the society that contributes so much to the field.

Dr Harry Marshall

University of Roehampton

I have 12 years’ experience studying animal social behaviour as a PhD student, post-doc and faculty member. This has included working at four different institutions on three different study systems, publishing and presenting my findings regularly, and engaging in outreach and interdisciplinary activities.

ASAB plays a key role in animal behaviour research through its activities organising conferences, funding research, upholding ethical standards and promoting teaching. I have gained a lot from these activities, in particular as an early-career researcher making lasting professional contacts at the Easter Meetings. I served on the editorial board of Animal Behaviour from 2018 to 2020 and I am keen to continue contributing to ASAB by being an Ordinary Member of Council. I believe my experience and skills will allow me to make a valuable contribution to the ASAB Council.

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